Writing Kindle Fiction Made Easy

Feel confident in your decision to write fiction for Kindle—you’re a fiction author as of this moment!

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You will become better and better each time you write a book.

Why Kindle Fiction?

It’s easy to think of writing Kindle fiction as one of those “bright shiny object” online business decisions. Is this really what you want to be doing?
If you’re reading this, you have enough interest in it that I’m sure it is—and we all know that writing for Kindle can be extremely profitable.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive course.

  • Why Kindle Fiction?
  • It’s Popular
  • It’s Fun
  • It’s Profitable
  • What All Excellent Books Have In Common
  • Good Story
  • Real Characters
  • Relationships
  • Ups And Downs
  • Something Readers Really Care About
  • Choosing What You’re Going To Write About
  • Think About What You Enjoy
  • Research What’s Popular On Kindle
  • Connect Categories
  • Planning A Series
  • You Need More Than One Book To Do Well
  • Hook Your Readers For Built In Profits
  • The Length Of Your Book
  • How Long Are Typical Books In The Niche?
  • It’s Okay To Go Short At First
  • The Structure Of Your Book
  • The Triggering Event
  • The Goal Of Your Main Character
  • The Journey
  • The Ups And Downs
  • The Climax
  • The Resolution
  • Planning Your Story
  • Chart Beginning, Middle, And End
  • Make Sure Your Book Has A Ton Of Problems—Really!
  • Planning Your Characters
  • Make Them Real
  • Make Them Matter
  • Give Them Problems
  • Make People Care Enough To Follow Them From Start To Finish
  • Outline Your Book
  • You Have The Pieces—Don’t Be Intimidated
  • Did Enough Go Wrong?
  • Are You So Excited You Can Hardly Stand It?
  • Just Let Yourself Write
  • Write Without Judging Yourself
  • Getting Your Book Ready For Kindle
  • Editing
  • The Cover
  • Formatting
  • Getting People Excited About What’s To Come
  • How To Write Faster
  • Plotting Ahead Helps
  • Don’t Edit As You Write
  • Consider Dictation Software
  • Use Something Like Scrivener
  • The Secret To Success On Kindle
  • The More Books, The Better
  • Give It A Push
  • Build A List
  • Get Your Readers To Love You
  • Make It Happen, Today

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