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You have to remember that making money with Kindle is simply making money in the publishing industry. And NOBODY makes money in the publishing industry by speculation.

The best selling authors are treating the self publishing world like a business. Sometimes before they even sit down to write a book they are analyzing the Kindle market for:

High traffic keywords within the Amazon Kindle website that guarantee tons of eyeballs will reach their books.

Keywords that have low competition. There is no need to be writing books in over saturated keywords where your book is going to sink into oblivion as just another book. The bestselling authors on Kindle are big fish in little ponds. And they replicate this success over and over again - because they know how to rank for those markets in page one.

Guaranteed profits. The bestselling publishers on Kindle ONLY optimize their listings for keywords and niches that have a guaranteed for success. How do they know they will have success? They lookat other books' rankings. The better the rankings of the books in the page, the greater their chance of success.

Competition analysis. Smart Kindle marketers analyze their competition in the first page of Kindle before publishing a book. They find out how many reviews their competition has. How many stars their competition is getting, when they published, what price they are selling their books for etc.

And that is probably why you haven't tried this method of Kindle publishing before.
It takes FOREVER to find this data.

Until now that is...

For the first time ever you can now have instant access to the same conclusions that takes bestselling authors DAYS of time to get.

Three Sections Of The Software

1 - Traffic Keyword Finder

For the first time ever you can now have instant access to the same conclusions that takes bestselling authors DAYS of time to get.

  • Amazon's Kindle.com Search Suggestions Data
  • Amazon's Kindle.com Related Search Data
  • Google's Adwords Keyword Tool

You can export this list for further offline analysis or jump right into the running the next steps of the software.

2 - Mass PageOne Conclusions

With this incredible one-click Page One Conclusions tool you can take your keywords and through the software's Automatic Conclusions tool, find out the specific keywords you can succeed in.

  • Conclusive Analysis. Kindle Samurai has a built in analyzer that uses parameters that we have set out to draw a conclusion for you as to the profitability of the keyword that you have analyzed and tells you the level of difficulty they have to rank on the first page.This makes choosing keywords brain-dead simple Let the software do all the work for you.

3 - Individual Books

We wanted to make sure that you could also look at each book that is currently ranking on page one for your targeted keyword on the individual level and that you would be able to know exactly what steps to follow to outrank your competition and make crazy organic sales!

Take a look at what this Kindle Bestseller Authors are saying about Kindle Samurai.

Andreas Quintana

“Ariel has created piece of software that makes it SUPER SIMPLE for you as a Kindle Author to And profitable (and relevant) keywords to rank for! Not only does Kindle Samurai suggest the best keywords to go after.. It also gives you ALL THE data you need to legally “Spy” on the competition and grab those top rankings inside of Amazon.”

Andreas Quintana
Stefan Pylarinos

“I’ve made A LOT of money from Kindle, personally publishing over 100-, Kindle e-books, and none of my success would have been possible if I didn’t select the right niches and do proper research beforehand.
Kindle Samurai will save you countless hours trying to hunt down the most profitable niches and keywords for your Kindle book, while making you A LOT more money in the process. I’ve experimented with other Kindle softwares in the past, and Kindle Samurai is one of the best that I’ve come across for its price. Ariel is committed to bringing you a fantastic software and I can’t recommend it enough. Try it out!”

Stefan Pylarinos
Britt Malka

“I got a review copy of Kindle Samurai, and in one word: Woaw!
Right now I’m letting it search for a topic I wanted to attack. but I had no idea which keywords would be best to use. With the help of Kindle Samurai I’ll know that as soon as it’s done with its analysis. I have only seen one thing so far that I don’t like, and that is that it doesn’t work on my Mac So I’ve installed it on my gamer PC, and since I only need to run it, when I’m publishing a new Kindle, it will not be a big problem.
You should definitely take a look at Kindle Samurai!’

Britt Malka
Mike Shreeve

“READER BEWARE: I myself am a Kindle bestseller (two times over) and I can tell you first hand that ranking your book in Kindle works. It is how I reached bestseller status twice.The only problem that I have with this software is that it just came out now!! wish so badly that I had Kindle Samurai back when I was getting ready to publish myself- would have saved me DAYS of manual work
Oh well, at least I have it now!
I can’t recommend this software enough. The price is very reasonable for the time it will save you and the priceless information you will gain from it. Plus, Adel is a fantastic guy and a truly gracious marketer. You can’t go wrong with Kindle Samurai”

Mike Shreeve Kindle bestseller
Derek Doepker

“Kindle Samurai makes the process of finding the best keywords to target stupid simple. With a few clicks, you can condense hours worth of keyword research down into a matter of minutes. Anyone who wants to get rid of the headache of kindle keyword research needs to check out this software!’

Derek Doepker

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Let's take a closer Look at the Kindle Publishing System and What You Will Be Learning Today...

Module 1: The differences between traditional and self-publishing... 
Module 2:
Kindle Bookstore and what it is...
Module 3: How to understand your readers and what they expect
Module 4: Learn if you should target a specific Niche Audience or use... 
Module 5:
Kindle pricing Strategies... 
Module 6
: Professional or Self Editing methods and what is best... 
Module 7:
Creating Attention Grabbing ecovers...
Module 8: Specific advertising Techniques to promote your Kindle ebook... 
Module 9: Step by Step How to Publish your ebook on the KDI Network...
Module 10: Final Recap and Summary, Bringing it all together...

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